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We offer trips on demand with 4x4 pickup trucks, combining stay at comfortable hotels.
This company is based in Salta, Argentina and its area of influence includes the northwest of Argentina and Chile and Bolivian Altiplano.
In the Calchaquí Valley area, we taste wines and visit wineries with amazing museums.

Our travel agency arranges reservations for hotels and flights as well as car rentals without driver in case clients want to go on the trip by their own.
We run trips especially for photographers and we also offer location scouting service for audiovisual and photographic productions.
Our goals:
- Respect for the environment: we take our litter back to the city.
- Respect for the local community.
- Complete satisfaction for our services
- To welcome a client and say goodbye to a friend (quote by our friend Hernan R. Uriburu)

Company founded in 1966 by Federico Norte

Private services in 4x4 trucks over Argentina Northwest, Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca provinces, North of Chile: Atacama Desert region and Bolivia: Altiplano and Uyuni salt flat.


norte trekking

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Mail: fn@nortetrekking.com

Teléfono: +54 387 4316616